OBRA is a premium footwear brand focused on utilitarian comfort. Our core values are superior quality, social and manufacturing ethics and support for the arts.

The OBRA mission is threefold:

    1. Deliver modern, best-in-class products. 
    2. Conduct ethical business practices by contributing to positive social efforts and pursuing responsible manufacturing solutions.
    3. Invest in contemporary culture by funding, producing and promoting outstanding art projects and artists.

New from the ground up, OBRA serves modern utilitarian footwear.
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OBRA embraces a civic duty to promote positive social change and equal opportunity. Built into the company’s business DNA is a commitment to redistribute share of its revenue to non-profit organizations that create growth opportunities to inner-city youths.
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OBRA is dedicated to the local creative and arts community. Working in association with New York Art Department and other strategic local partners, OBRA collaborates with outstanding artists to produce and promote impactful creative projects online and offline.
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Quality over quantity. OBRA chooses manufacturing partners that invest in qualified labor and recognize the importance of their workforce's well-being.
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