OBRA FOOTWEAR COUNTER at TUFT in collaboration with STILLE


OBRA FOOTWEAR COUNTER at TUFT in collaboration with STILLE.
From May 15th until June 15th, TUFT barbershop will host the OBRA Footwear Counter featuring a selection of best selling styles. Shoppers will be able to try on the sneakers and purchase them to be shipped to their address of choice.

The sneakers will be displayed on shelving by Brooklyn-based STILLE Furniture.The company debuted the patented furniture system this month on the occasion of NYCxDesign 2019. STILLE is made in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

To celebrate its Brazilian ties, OBRA worked with artist João Salomão and New York Art Department to produce Persona Abstracta, a depiction of João in process in his studio, set to the sounds of Som, released by Brazilian group Persona in 1975.

João Salomão | @joaosalomao_art
New York Art Department | @NYArtDepartment

13 Stanton Street
New York City (map)
7 days a week, 1-7 pm
May 15 - June15

OBRA | oobbrraa.com | @oobbrraa
TUFT | tuftbarber.com | @tuft.nyc 
STILLE | stille-life.com @stille.life