Built into the OBRA business plan is a commitment to redistribute a share of OBRA revenues to local organizations focused on advancing equity with the arts, education and creative industries.

For each pair of shoe sold at full price OBRA donates $10.00 to Scope Of Work, a talent development agency for underrepresented young people that aims to establish equity in the creative industry.

Founded in 2016 by Geneva White and Eda Levenson, two career artists and educators of color with over a decade-long career in youth development and arts-education sector. SOW’s vision is to build a more inclusive creative ecosystem. SOW specifically supports young creatives of color, ages 17-24 years old, hailing from all five boroughs of NYC.
Scope Of Work’s ecosystem is designed to realize equity and reflective representation of one of NYC’s fastest-growing sectors: young creatives of color.

SOW’s strategy includes:
  • - Built a roster of young creatives of color.
  • - Host industry-lead skill-building programming.
  • - Publish research reports on best practices for workplace experiences for young people of color in the creative sector.
  • - Placeyoung creatives of color in freelance, part-time and full-time positions.


SOW’s ecosystem is a conduit and a blueprint for the creative industry to nurture and invest in the next creative class. The strategy is built on 3 pillars:
  • 1. Talent Development:
    curriculum-based programming and curated studio experiences with established artists creative professionals prepare young creatives of color to launch their careers.

  • 2. Talent Pipeline:
    SOW’s Fellowship program reinvents the internship model by making it mutually beneficial. SOW simultaneously supports the fellow to navigate their first early workplace experiences while sharing best practices for fostering and retain young creatives of color with its creative partners.

  • 3. Talent Agency:
    SOW recruits top undiscovered young creative talent with fresh, new perspectives for companies, brands, studios, and institutions for freelance, project-based, part-time, and full-time opportunities.