Gallery: OBRA Factory Floor

The OBRA sneakers are manufactured in Brazil in a family-held factory founded in 1948. Over the years the OBRA factory has built a reputation for product excellence and stead business practices.  

Beyond quality, our manufacturing partners are also committed to their qualified workforce's well being. These are some of the benefits offered to employees:

On-site medical facilities;
local day-care facilities;
Nutritionist-managed cafeteria; 
To-and-from work transportation;
Continuing education funding programs. 

While this means we pay more for premium goods, we are happy to be part of and to contribute to an exemplary and proud traditional footwear manufacturing legacy.

As we launch the OBRA brand, we realize there is a lot of work to be done when in comes to improving sustainable practices.

For their part, our factory is constantly reinvesting on its on-site recycling and solid waste treatment plant. On our end, we are working to gradually implement more sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.

Our on-going goal is to limit our carbon footprint through improved manufacturing practices, sourcing environmentally friendly components and raw materials, choosing eco-friendly vendors and reducing waste throughout our supply chain. 

OBRA is just starting. We will keep our customers informed of our progress through newsletter updates and with social media posts.